hongbin: i'm sad *sobs* *rips off shirt*


when ur friend says they know who your crush is in front of your crush


embarrassed!kong (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ

cr: aiolos

Sagitta Constellation in Hongbin’s puzzle teaser


As you see in the puzzle teaser,


there are 4 white puzzle pieces that stand out because they don’t seem to fit in the puzzle. If you connect these pieces,


you get this. These lines may not seem like anything, but this is actually a constellation. Here is what the Sagitta constellation looks like:


Sagitta is Latin for “arrow,” and the story goes back to a Greek mythology.

"In ancient Greece, Sagitta was regarded as the weapon that Hercules used to kill the eagle (Aquila) of Jove that perpetually gnawed Prometheus’ liver."

The story goes, Prometheus tricked Zeus with an offering that was merely bones wrapped in fat, allowing the humans to keep the meat for themselves. Zeus, angered, hid fire in retribution which Prometheus then stole back to restore to humanity. As a punishment, Prometheus was chained to a rock on a mountain, and an eagle (symbol of Zeus) picked at his liver. However, at dark, Prometheus’ liver would be restored due to his immortality. Thus, Prometheus suffered the same painful act by the eagle every day. Prometheus was only saved years later when Hercules shot the eagle with an arrow, which by legend is said to have ascended into the sky to become a constellation.

Now, I was reading about Prometheus on Wikipedia, and something caught my eye: “Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus.” This is Mary Shelley’s popular novel about a man who creates a being through science. This brings us back to our possible concept ideas of cyborg/bionic man. Perhaps VIXX are created by the hands of some person but as time passes gains their own identity, their sense of self, and tries to be free (“Let me free” from the motion teaser) but struggles and suffers in the process like Prometheus. They are eventually freed by their love, or a savior who represents Hercules as relates to the Greek mythology.

Credit goes to SHUFLYLEO from VIXX fan cafe. I tried filling in some parts myself by reading on some of these topics.

As long as there’s people cheering for us, even if it’s just one or two people, we’ll work hard to become a vixx that’s able to sing anywhere

Kyungmyeon shipping themselves